Pegi Lea

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What We Do

Dare To Be Noticed

Signature Cicciolina Flower Crowns & Mohawks

Quality Hand Made, Detailed, Wearable & Original Designs.

You will always find Individual & Exclusive Statement Pieces.

You can also find Pegi Lea creating other individual fashion, such as her Signature Pony Couture Bras, Costume Pieces & other Accessories…

Everything is Made With LOVE! Pegi Lea has NO RULES & is always open to requests and always willing to take up the appropriate challenge!

Pegi Lea officially started in late 2002 by hand screen printing individual designs onto singlets.

Then over the years has branched out into Hand dyed hair extensions, over the top Flower Crowns, Daring Racing Fashion & Festival and Statement Head Pieces.

Pegi Lea’s Crazy & Bold Style is Finally becoming more acceptable to wear at usually conservative Events & Places..


xo Pegi Lea